Robotic Application

Vortex-MES 4.0 is a leading supplier in precision automation specialist and robotics to a wide variety of manufacturing industries, including electronics, automotive, medical, consumer products, industrial and many more.

• Assembly
• Pick and place
• Material handling
• Packaging

• Machine tending
• Screw driving
• Dispensing

• Palletizing
• Lab automation
• Kitting/Tray loading

• Lab Finishing
• Finishing
• Grinding
• Inspection and testing


Brakes, clutch components, ignition
systems, instrument panels,
headlights, mirrors, locks, sensors,
and more.


Chip handling and placement,
encoder assembly, board and laser
diode testing, wire bonding, and


Contact lenses, glasses, dental
instruments, dental implants, hearing
aids, pacemakers, blood test systems,
and much more.

Consumer Products

Smartphones, tablets, speakers,
jewelry, watches, cosmetics,
printers, and more.

Pick & Place

Process Assembly

Robot Palletizing

Robot Welding